On this website you can explore and download my apps.

About Me

Hello, I am Lukas Langrock and I like to code. I made some applications that I want to share with the world. They are not complex or hard to do but I wanted to share them anyways.
I also really like open-source which is why all my applications are to be found on GitHub.

My Apps

You can download these apps either from GitHub or by using my downloads page.

Shutdown Timer

Shutdown Timer is simple Windows application which can shutdown your computer after a specific timespan is over.
This can be useful when you want to leave your computer doing something but want it to shutdown afterwards.

Constant Write

Constant Write is a disk torture test tool which will continuously write random data to your drive at high speeds.
Ik there are many application out there which do the same thing but mine is open-source and in .NET Core, meaning it uses C# code but also runs on Linux.