Privacy Policy

This website uses cookies in order to manage security preferences and increase performance. Cloudflare, our domain provider, DNS, and CDN manages this cookie for us and uses it to "identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis". We also use Cloudflare's Browser Insights feature which uses the Performance API in your browser to measure the website performance. The collected data is then sent back to Cloudflare so we can take a look at how well our site is performing. This does not track individual users and collects as little data as possible. More details can be found in Cloudflare's article. You can learn more about Cloudflare's privacy policy here and read about the cookie here.

Data protection

As we (the website owners) do not collect more than statistical data about e.g. how often our website is requested, from which region in the world those request come from and how well the site is performing, there is not much to protect. If you email us at an adress ending with, your email will go to servers operated by Zoho. Also we won't ever sell, distribute, or publish private information. We are not Facebook (for legal reasons thats a joke).


I (Lukas Langrock) have some apps on this website, GitHub, and the Microsoft Store. Some of these apps collect data using Visual Studio App Center. This data provides statistics about active users, most used features, and helps me optimize the interface and features of my apps. App Center also sends crash reports if the apps experience problems. These reports contain data about what the application was doing, what lead to the crash, and what computer the app ran on. Visual Studio App Center is made by Microsoft, which means Microsoft will collect, manage, and process this information.
If you want to know how this happens and how Microsoft protects your data, you can read Microsoft's Privacy Policy.