Selfhosted Services

I am hosting some useful and privacy-friendly services on my servers. These are intended for public use and anyone is allowed to use them for most purposes, except of course you are trying to anything illegal with or your usage directly results in intended harm to the service, the server, user data or security.

With regard to data security, the severs are located in Germany and kept up to date, so your data should be safe and sound.


Cryptpad is an end-to-end encrypted, secure document and collaboration server.

Since switching from OneDrive to a NAS for all my stuff, I found the one thing missing, a decent collaboration software. Sure, Word Online and Google Docs are free, but they are not very private and that was part of the reason for my switch, so I wanted something privacy-focussed. Luckily, this project had everything I need. And since I already have a server, I decided to host it myself, so I could have an excuse for having the server.

Feel free to use it for any kind of project and purpose, as long as it's within legal limits. I will remove public files if I get valid reports of them, this is NOT a copyright-free, everything-is-legal, place, and you shouldn't try to use it as such!

BTW: The server is set up to automatically delete unused documents after 90 days, and inactive accounts after one year, so please be aware of that.

Wiki & More

I have, well, had for longer, but am now also publishing/showing my Wiki.js instance on my website.

This wiki contains some docs and guides about GNU/Linux, e.g. fixing issues and settings up servers. It is also fully indexed and searchable. I hope you can find this useful.