Shutdown Timer Classic

Shutdown Timer Classic is a small little Windows application that allows you to set a timer that will shutdown, restart, hibernate, sleep or lock your PC.

Download 💾

I recommend downloading it via the Microsoft Store, as the download is checked and verified by Microsoft and works with just 1 click, easy, simple and secure.

Alternatively, you can download the latest release from GitHub.

Usage ✨

Shutdown Timer is a very simple application, hence it is easy to use. Just choose a power action from the drop-down menu and then dial in the time span you want. If the counter reaches zero, the chosen power action will be executed.

Upon reaching zero, the Shutdown Timer will (actually Windows will do this, Shutdown Timer just gives the command to) force close any still running applications to ensure the shutdown does not get interrupted. Therefore, you may experience data loss if any application is in the process of saving or processing data when the shutdown begins. You can combat this by selecting a longer timespan to ensure the running applications has enough headroom to complete its operation, or by choosing the Sleep or Hibernate power actions.

Features ⚡️

A quick overview of some noteworthy features.
The entire documentation is available on GitHub if you want to learn more.

Colors 🎨

The countdown window has 4 different background colors to visualize the time left and one animation to draw your attention when the time is about to run out, in case you forget about the shutdown timer. The window will also be positioned above all other applications, so you can't miss it.

Tray Menu 🔧

Shutdown Timer also includes a tray menu to control the application from your Taskbar tray. Just right-click the icon to bring it up (you may need to click on the little arrow on the right of your Taskbar to find the Shutdown Timer icon). You can stop, restart and view the timer from it and also switch the UI mode to hide or show the countdown window.

It can alternatively also be accessed by right-clicking in the countdown window.

Command Line 💡

You can also use the command line to start the Shutdown Timer with specific arguments and settings. In PowerShell or CMD, navigate to the folder where the executable is located.

Example: .\ShutdownTimerClassic.exe /SetTime 01:00 /SetMode Launch
This command will launch the Shutdown Timer and execute the shutdown action in 1 hour.

Full documentation available on GitHub.

Behavior 📄

Shutdown sequence

When a shutdown is executed all windows will be closed, regardless if they resist or not, so any unsaved work will be gone! This is done to be sure your PC shuts down and can not be stopped by another process.

If you wish to have a normal shutdown, you may enable the graceful mode. This will not force close any apps, but might lead to a failed shutdown, as any apps which do not exit upon request can pause the shutdown. Apps might not close because they are unresponsive, require user interactions, or are still working.

Please note that I am not liable for any data loss because you didn't save that extremely important document, and now it's gone. That is your fault!

Logging and Privacy

The application is not connected to the internet and does not collect usage data. If there is an internal exception, it will save a stack trace and simple event log to the user's desktop and notify the user, but it will not automatically share any data with anyone. If you are using the Microsoft Store release, then the Store will also monitor basic usage and crashes and (depending on your Windows privacy settings) share this data with Microsoft and me.