This concept is archived!

This app was designed to be the successor to Shutdown Timer Classic, utilizing a modern design and more, thanks to the Universal Windows Platform. It also comes with more features.

Universal Windows Platform

This version of the Shutdown Timer is based on the Universal Windows Platform and uses a sleek and modern design. Thanks to UWP it integrates neatly into Windows and allows for rich Toast notifications, Timeline activity and much more. There's a dark mode too!


You will find any features you already like from the Shutdown Timer Classic in this one too, plus a few more which include:

  • Sleek and modern UI
  • Windows Timeline integration
  • History and log viewer
  • Better Notifications
  • Device sleep prevention
  • Designed for Windows 10

Early Screenshots

Screenshot of menu in light mode Screenshot of countdown in light mode Screenshot of menu in dark mode Screenshot of countdown in dark mode