This policy is valid for all websites and services unless stated otherwise.
Last Update: 26.01.2024

This document aims to inform you about the security and privacy of this site and how much personal data may be collected.
Throughout this privacy policy “personal information” or “personal data” refers to information that may identify you as an individual, such as your name, email address, IP address and other information about you. The mention of third-party sites and services refers to internet services that I do not or only partially have control over.


All traffic travelling under the domain is usually routed through the Clouflare network. Cloudflare acts both as host for this website as well as a proxy for my selfhosted services. Please refer to their respective privacy policy for more details.

Cloudflare generally respects user privacy and is trusted by me with handeling both data and security aspects of this domain.

Security 🛡️

Your connection to and it’s sub-sites is end-to-end encrypted using HTTPS.
Additionally, the HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) headers are sent on most subdomains to ensure your browser will always use said HTTPS connection.

This means that the connection between your device and Cloudflare’s network is fully encrypted for external operators like ISPs or the WiFi network you might be using. The connection outgoing from Cloudflare to my own systems are also fully encrypted, so only Cloudflare and my servers have access to the unencrypted traffic.

Analytics and Tracking 👀

There is no kind of tracking or analysis for advertising or data broker purposes. The only kind of analysis done is by Cloudflare for the purpose preventing bots from logging into my services or running attacks.

Cookies 🍪

The Cookies employed on this domain are not like the ones you always here about in the news, they don’t harm you :) Learn more about cookies.

You might have noticed that there is no cookie pop-up or GDPR banner on here. This is because the above-mentioned cookies used by my services are essential for providing the service and are strictly functional. These kinds of essential cookies do not require an annoying banner.

Data Collection 💾

There are a few reasons why your data might be collected.
Please note that data collection does not mean that you are being tracked across websites, it just refers to the storage and handeling of data you or your browser may send to this site.

Browsing the Website 🌐

When you browse this site, or one of it’s sub-sites, your IP address and other information, that your browser sends along with your requests, may be stored in server logs. Logs are used by me to find issues with my sites and services, as well as by third-party services I use for this website and domain.

Engaging with services

When you create a user account or otherwise authenticate yourself (eg: joining my Minecraft server) your personal information, related to your account and all data associated with it, is stored to provide you with the service.
All services, where you may need to authenticate yourself, are hosted in Germany and operated by me.

You can always contact me to request the deletion of your data.