Privacy Policy ๐Ÿ”“

We respect your privacy and do not track you (in a way that is harmful to you) or analyze your behaviour.
We also generally try to protect your privacy and we will never sell your personal data to anyone. We might share some data with trusted third parties tho. Any data sharing will be outlined in this document.
Yes, we do sometimes use cookies and also log reqests. Continue reading to learn about how and why we store data and plant cookies.

When do we collect data?

If you are just browsing the website you don't have to worry about anthing. There is no data collection for browsing the website.
When you downlaod content of my storage service (, we log data and utilize Cloudflare to protect us from attacks and cut down on server costs. More on Cloudflare and logging down below.

Cloudflare and Cookies ๐Ÿช

Cloudflare plant a small cookie on your computer to enhance security. What are cookies?
This means that, in case there is an attack on the website or if some other user on your network looks suspicious, Cloudflare knows that you are a legitimate user and will let you through while the attackers get blocked. Cloudflare does not track individual users across the web and collects as little data as possible. More details can be found in Cloudflare's article.

Logging ๐Ÿงพ

When we log data, which we only do when you access our storage service (, we do it through Logflare (thats a third party Cloudflare App). The collected data is stored in Logflare's BigQuery table for 7 days after which it gets deleted.

What gets collected?
  • Query Method (eg. GET, HEAD, POST)
  • The exact URL
  • Your IP-Address
  • Your UserAgent